Home Improvement Projects Worth Your Money


If you want to maximize your remodel for resale, think exterior: safer doors,better windows, or easy-care siding. Data from the latest remodeling reports shows those types of projects can recoup more than 80% of the investment. Extra bedrooms and updated master bedrooms sell well, too.

Your high-end kitchen update with custom cabinetry may not sell itself, but it will help if your current kitchen could double for your grandmother’s old set-up. An extra bathroom, especially if your house only has one, can be a solid choice over the long term—or finishing the attic. Smart homebuyers will appreciate any moves you make to reduce utility usage, such as energy-efficient window casings or new water heaters.

Some values depend on geography. A home office is not something every buyer would use, so it could recover less of the funds you invest, unless you live in an area with high real estate costs and plentiful telecommunication options. Pools are all about your pleasure, not the selling price—many buyers don’t want the headache of caring for one. But in some communities a pool may feel almost standard.