Time To Downsize?


4 Tips To Consider when Downsizing your Home

1. Size does matter…. Be selective and specific when selecting your new smaller home. Look for an apartment, townhome or home on one level so you don’t have to worry about climbing stairs. You never know when you may have problem with your knees or hips. If you love gardening, make sure you have enough of a yard or a patio to put in a small garden. Talk with your realtor about your life needs.

2. Give Give Give – to charity, friends or relatives. This can be hard because items have sentimental value but if given to a family member or a good cause you will feel much better about it. Also… don’t forget that closet, I am sure there are many items you have not worn in years. If you are going from a 3000 sq ft home to a 1500 sq ft home you don’t want to feel bogged down by clutter. If you’re selling your current home to downsize this will only improve the staging of your home and give potential buyers more appeal.

3. Love your location. Don’t feel like you need to move to a big city to be closer to grandchildren. When they grow up they may move to another city as well. You can travel to see them and they will do the same, especially if you live in a place that is fun to visit. Pick a place you can enjoy no matter if you have family there or not.

4. Budget! Look at your finances, set a budget. If you are not already on a fixed income, you may be eventually and it’s better to confront this on the front end rather then find out that you are in the hole after you downsize a few years later. Best case scenario you have access funds every month you can put away for that vacation you have always wanted!