When considering buying a home in a neighborhood you are not familiar with drive by at the various times below before buying:

8 a.m.: Drive the area in rush hour. How will it affect your commute, whether that’s a drive in to work or using public transportation? Start from the home and run the routes.

10 a.m.: What do you hear now? Construction, traffic noise, or barking dogs? “I would also drive my street on a weekday and see how many people have cars in their driveways,” Feldberg says “Are there other neighbors around, or does it look like a ghost town?”

3 p.m. School is out, so what does the neighborhood look like now, especially if the home is near a school. Are children cutting through your yard and into your future flowerbed? How is the traffic and would you feel OK letting your own children walk home from school?

5:30 p.m. How’s the commute home? “If you are envisioning sitting outside relaxing with a glass of lemonade watching your kids ride bikes, you don’t want to find out too late that Waze is redirecting traffic through your quiet neighborhood,” the® article notes.

9 p.m.: Wild parties in the evening hours? How safe does the neighborhood feel at night? Is it well-lit or dark? Feldman suggests his clients park their car in front of the house and roll down the windows to check the noise and their comfort level.

3 a.m. Check for planes, trains, and traffic noise. You don’t want to discover you can’t sleep because of the noise after you move in.