Born and raised in a small town in West Virginia, I grew up being taught to treat everyone I meet in life like a family friend. In a day and age where warmth and friendliness is often forgotten, I remember those early childhood lessons like it was yesterday. I make it a personal goal to bring this approach to each and every one of my clients and friends, both in and out of business.

I became a Real Estate Agent in 2011. This has allowed me to fulfill my life long goal, making people happy and lending a helping hand, even when the circumstances are far from perfect; some looking for their first home, some looking for investments and others just a guiding hand in a tough situation. While everyone’s personal situation is uniquely different, I focus on giving every client the honesty, friendliness and reliability they deserve. I truly believe in putting your family’s needs first, both in your business family and the family you go home to every day.

On a personal note, I am a proud mother of two handsome young men; I have a passion for Equestrian Riding, Love animals, gardening, and the great outdoors. I have been certified as a Personal Trainer and have a true passion for fitness and helping people learn to live a healthy lifestyle. I love to travel and see the world. Finally, I just love good honest friendly people.

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