Seller Guide

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Timing Your Sale

8 Essential Tips for First-Time Home Sellers
What to Do When: A Timeline for Selling Your Home
The ‘Best Time’ to Sell Depends on Your Market – and You
When to Hire an Agent Depends on Your Experience
Which Comes First: Selling Your Home or Buying a New One?
It’s Never Too Early to Plan for Your Move
Think Now About Your Post-Sale ‘Gap’ Housing Options

Preparing to Sell

20 Questions to Ask an Agent Before You Sign a Contract 
Pros and Cons of Working with an Individual Agent or a Team
Tips for Negotiating Your Agent’s Commission and Services
What You Need to Know Before You Go FSBO
5 Simple Ways to Play Well with Your Agent
Home Improvements That Will Really Pay Off When You Sell
Why You Should Pay for a Pre-Inspection Before You List
Checklist of Paperwork You’ll Need When You’re Ready to Sell
How and When to Talk with Tenants When You’re Selling

Pricing Your Home

Buyers’ or Sellers’ Market? It Makes All the Difference
How to Set the Right Selling Price for Your Home
Calculating Your Zestimate – and How You Can Influence It
What Are Comps, and How Do You Pick the Best Ones? 
What’s the Difference Between a CMA and an Appraisal?
Test the For-Sale Waters Before Taking the Plunge
How Much You’ll Need to Get into Your Next Home

Getting Noticed

Staging: How to Make Buyers Fall in Love with Your Home
Marketing: The Right Words and Pictures Will Sell Your Home Faster 
Show Time: Getting Yourself and Your Home Ready for Shoppers
Life Goes On: Tips for Living in a For-Sale Home
Home Isn’t Selling? It Might Not Be Your Agent’s Fault

Offers, Closing & Moving

Offers: How to Decide Which One Is Best for You
Offers: Negotiation Tactics to Get Your Home Sold
Offers: What You Can Do If They’re Not Rolling In
Offers: Why Deals Fall Through and How to Avoid It
Disclosure: What You Need to Share with a Buyer (and Why?)
Closing: What Every Seller Needs to Know
Closing: What Can Go Wrong and How to Prevent It
Moving Checklist: Who Needs Your New Address
Moving Checklist: What to Hand Over to Your Home’s New Owner