Our lifelong dream of owning a home finally came true

I met Susan Mangubat at an open house. The home on our street was for sale, and my family and I had been wanting to purchase a home for quite some time. We were deathly afraid of the whole process, let alone not even sure if we’d qualify for a home loan.

My wife’s English isn’t very good, so the process was even more intimidating for her. However, after meeting Susan, our fears were calmed. Susan even went to the length of bringing in a bi-lingual colleague to assist in communicating the whole process with my wife from start to finish. Susan made us feel so confident and comfortable that our lifelong dream of owning a home finally came true. I can honestly say if it wasn’t for Susan, I don’t know if it would have ever happened. Her professional representation, her care and constant commitment throughout the whole transaction process was definitely a blessing for us.

We truly believe Susan was meant to be in our life at the right time. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone who is in the market for buying a home. She’s an amazing woman with all of the necessary knowledge to help someone like us realize our dream